Rational Horizon 05 – Sean and Mark talk about being at the Reason Rally and SkeptiCal conference

Mark and Sean talk about their experiences at the Reason Rally and the SkeptiCal Conference. Special musical appearance by singer bassist Joey Fabian.

Reason-Rally-Header-LogoSean visited the Reason Rally in Washington DC on June 4, 2016, and Mark was one of several CVAAS members who hosted a table at the Skeptical Conference in Oakland, CA on May 15, 2016.

small-avatarSean and Mark discuss these events, the people they met, and what they learned.

As a bonus, singer and bassist Joey Fabian has provided the podcast music for this episode!  If you like Joey’s music, check him out on iTunes.  You can also find him on Facebook, and at his website.

SkeptiCal – Science & Skepticism Conference – May 15th

small-avatarThe SkeptiCal Conference is a yearly science and skepticism conference held in Oakland California.  This year SkeptiCal will be held Sunday, May 15th, 2016.  (See website for location)

This day-long event includes speakers, exhibitors, panels and discussions on a wide variety of subjects.

This year’s speakers and their topics include:
  • American planetary scientist Carolyn C. Porco: “A Decade Exploring Saturn
  • Anthropologist Dr. Henry Gilbert: “Homo erectus: An Inconvenient Transitional Truth
  • Author Steve Silberman: “Everything you know about autism history is wrong
  • Neuroscientist (and operatic soprano) Dr. Indre Viskontas: “Brain Myths: Lessons from Neuroscience
And even more speakers!

CVAAS will be hosting a table at this event.  We encourage CVAAS members and friends to RSVP through our Meetup event site.  If you would like to volunteer to staff the CVAAS table, you can volunteer while RSVPing.

To register for this conference, please visit the SkeptiCal website.