Rational Horizon 06 – The “T” in LGBT – Transgender & Transsexual issues. Justice for All!

9th Annual Heretic's Barbecue
9th Annual Heretic’s Barbecue

In this edition of Rational Horizon, Mark Boyd interviews Jess and Jordan Fitzpatrick, and their friend Rain Chamberlain about issues important to the Transgender and Transsexual community.

Jess and Jordan are speakers at this year’s 9th Annual Heretic’s Barbecue.  You can find their printed biography on the event web page.

In this episode of Rational Horizon, Jess, Jordan and Rain help Mark understand some of the more pressing problems that are faced by people who are changing their gender.  While the gay and lesbian community have made great strides in acceptance and legal equality, the trans community is lagging far behind, for several reasons.

Mark learns about these reasons, which include attacks against trans people through conservative-sponsored legislation, through social and workplace discrimination, through violence, and through mindless computerized bureaucracy.  

We also discuss what the Fresno trans community is doing to assist transgender and transsexual people in need, and what they are doing in order to raise visibility and awareness of trans people with other Central Valley organizations.

This podcast was produced from the interview audio.  The original audio is available to listen to in its entirety in the Members drop-down menu.  Only paid members of CVAAS can access this audio.  If you would like to become a member, check our our store.  Members also receive a $5.00 discount from Heretic’s Barbecue tickets.

Rational Horizon 05 – Sean and Mark talk about being at the Reason Rally and SkeptiCal conference

Mark and Sean talk about their experiences at the Reason Rally and the SkeptiCal Conference. Special musical appearance by singer bassist Joey Fabian.

Reason-Rally-Header-LogoSean visited the Reason Rally in Washington DC on June 4, 2016, and Mark was one of several CVAAS members who hosted a table at the Skeptical Conference in Oakland, CA on May 15, 2016.

small-avatarSean and Mark discuss these events, the people they met, and what they learned.

As a bonus, singer and bassist Joey Fabian has provided the podcast music for this episode!  If you like Joey’s music, check him out on iTunes.  You can also find him on Facebook, and at his website.

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We’ve just put online the original CVAAS podcast, “Rational Horizon”, created in 2009.  This short lived podcast covered a wide variety of topics during its brief existence.  Topics that interested CVAAS members.


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Rational Horizon 04 – Formal arguments, logical fallacies, inductive vs deductive reasoning

Argument_ClinicAnnouncements – 2nd Annual Heretic’s Barbecue is advertised, Rational Horizon is on iTunes.  Atheist & Skeptic podcasts.

We discuss formal arguments.  In logic and philosophy an argument is more than just an angry exchange of opposing viewpoints.  Instead, it is a more formal method of using language as a way to persuade someone that a thing is true, or it is a way of presenting reasons why a conclusion should be accepted.  

Arguments are supported through logic, or through evidence.  For those arguments based upon logic, it is useful to identify when that logic is weak.  Being able to identify logical fallacies is a good way to find out where the weak points are in an argument.  

It is important to note that an argument can be supported by excellent logic, and still be proved to be wrong due to conflicting evidence!  

We also discuss the difference between Inductive and Deductive reasoning, and how they are used in arguments.  

The Rational Horizon Podcast was a short-lived podcast created by CVAAS in 2009. Only four episodes were made.  This is the last of those four episodes.


Rational Horizon 03 – Kathy Griffin! Also, is religious experience evidence of God?

KathyGriffinKathy Griffin was awarded an Emmy for Outstanding Reality Program for her show, “My Life on the D-List”. This show is an autobiographical comedy of Griffin’s life as a stand-up comedienne and television bit player. During Griffin’s acceptance speech at the September 2007 Emmy awards show, Griffin said, “A lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus.” She went on to say, “Suck it, Jesus. This is my God now!” referring to the Emmy.  

In July 2009, Kathy Griffin was on tour, and made her way to California.  CVAAS member Justin saw her July 23rd show, and we discussed her July 25th appearance at the William Saroyan Theater in Fresno.  

We also discuss religious experience as evidence of God or the divine.  For example, scientist, geneticist, and leader of the Human Genome Project, Francis Collins, has described a religious experience involving a frozen waterfall that he accepted as evidence of God’s existence.  Should another person’s experience be considered good evidence for God?  What about your own experience of the divine, should THAT be considered as good evidence for God?  

This episode was our first test of using Skype for recording podcasts.  The audio quality suffers a little due to this.


Rational Horizon 02 – The problem with homeopathy. Also, pattern matching and pareidolia.

Snake oil Mark Boyd discusses a very brief visit to a disappointing homeopathic clinic in Fresno California. Apparently a homeopathic clinic also doubles as a real estate sales office!  

Also, images of the Virgin Mary and of Jesus have been identified as appearing on the sides of buildings and other various places. We discuss the image of Michael Jackson appearing soon after his death on a tree stump. What are the odds? Is Michael Jackson’s shade trying to tell us something?  

The Rational Horizon Podcast was a short-lived podcast created by CVAAS in 2009. Only four episodes were made. You can hear all those episodes now, in our podcast archive.  


Rational Horizon 01 – A discussion of claims made by Richard Gage about a 9/11 conspiracy

Richard GageThis episode took a skeptical look at claims made by Richard Gage, founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. We deconstruct his interview on Great Day, a morning television show in the Central Valley, and discuss his evidence for a 9/11 conspiracy.  

Richard Gage is a San Francisco architect who founded “Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth” in 2006.  He claims, along with other members of his organization, that the collapse of the World Trade Center was caused by explosive demolition, and not as the result of hijacked jet airliners that were crashed into the twin towers.  

Gage has given presentations on this theory, and one of those presentations was turned into a two-hour movie, “9/11 Blueprint for Truth”, which was very popular among conspiracy theorists.  

The Rational Horizon Podcast was a short-lived podcast created by CVAAS in 2009.  Only four episodes were made.  You can hear all those episodes now, in our podcast archive.