The “Next Step” for CVAAS

CVAAS has been doing some big things lately. It’s time for us to ask ourselves:

nextstep What’s Next?  What is our Next Step?

Since Heretic’s Barbecue is wrapped up for 2016, and we’ve had a couple weeks to rest and recover, it would seem to be time to figure out where we are going to go next.

CVAAS is a California recognized corporation. We will be a non-profit. So now what?

As president of CVAAS there are definitely some things I would like to see us accomplish – and not just on our own. I want to help our other members do this with us.

So let’s have a meeting and discuss this.  The Next Step meeting is now on our event calendar.

Topics I plan to cover for this meeting:
  • Brainstorming our future – we need ideas from everyone for what we want the secular community in the San Joaquin Valley to be involved with.
  • Future planning – I want to create 1, 2, and 5 year plans for future goals.
  • New Groups – Encouraging the creation of, and offering support for new organizations.
  • Secular / Skeptical community support – We can’t forget to offer events for everyone – for those people who just want to get together and talk, to those who want to do.
  • Community outreach – I want to raise awareness of the secular community in the San Joaquin Valley. To be accepted as part of our community we need to become more visible in our community. I think we can do good things while doing this. Highway cleanup, homeless assistance, and be more active in community events.
  • Public relations – we’re lousy at this. We need to be better. Community outreach will help, and we can get training for those of us who want it.
  • Growth & Membership – we need ideas here.
  • Raising funds – as we become a nonprofit, we need a way to pay for our status, for our events, for educating the public about the secular community.
  • Pie-in-the-sky goals – we should make some amazing goals. A secular community center? Sunday Assembly? A full-blown secular conference with speakers, workshops, and panels? Let’s see if they are not so silly.
What I really want to see is brainstorming, and to use that to figure out our direction and goals in order to meet our purpose.

There are a LOT of opportunities for us, and several offers of various forms of assistance if we can coordinate it all.

Are you interested in being part of this?  Then come to our November 13th Event!