More content added!

coverartHave you checked out our “Media” area on the CVAAS website?  You can find it under the “Members” tab.  Most of the media here is open to the public, including our lecture series and podcasts.


We’ve just put online the original CVAAS podcast, “Rational Horizon”, created in 2009.  This short lived podcast covered a wide variety of topics during its brief existence.  Topics that interested CVAAS members.


We are again interested in starting a new podcast series, so if you would like to be part of that, let us know!  Right now we need people who are interested in assisting by being a podcast host, by generating content, and by producing.  If you’ve got some great ideas, we would love for you to share them with us.  Leave us a note on our “contact us” page!

CVAAS is back online!

We are back online, and it took some effort.


Instead of going with a customized website, or with a completely “free” website, CVAAS has purchased a turnkey membership site that couples together with WordPress.  Details such as membership lists, payments, and users are not kept at the CVAAS server, but are instead held by our pay gateway service.
tower crane


The membership tools give us some wonderful abilities to add content to our site for our members.  As we gain momentum, we will be adding lots of free media like podcasts, and we will also have some treats for our members – like debates and a full forum.

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