Results of Election, and a business decision


CVAAS held its annual election of officers on Sunday, September 4th.  All incumbent officers except for one retained their current positions.  Treasurer Amy Maggini declined in favor of David Costa.  David has been CVAAS vice president in the past, and he’s welcome again as a CVAAS officer.  Amy will still be a part of CVAAS, so say “hi!” when you see her at the Heretic’s Barbecue.

The CVAAS officers page has been updated.  

As a reminder, members can find election votes and results in our business meeting minutes, which are found in the Online Documents section of the “Members” tab above.

Business decision:

How can you help?  Click here!Our journey to non-profit status has hit a bump.  Due to IRS delays and an error, the IRS has rejected our application for non-profit status.  To correct this error will require an amendment of our bylaws.  During a review of the CVAAS bylaws at our business meeting, it was decided to make changes that will affect the way that CVAAS operates in order to encourage membership participation, and to provide an official method for our associates to advise our organization.

Look for an upcoming announcement via email to CVAAS membership to encourage all members who wish to be part of our bylaw changes to join the bylaw committee.  

Once the amended bylaws are completed another email announcement will be made to all members to notify everyone of the impending bylaw voting date and location.

Non-profit status is important to CVAAS.  This will allow us to continue to bring quality speakers to Fresno, and it will allow us to create more events and opportunities for the secular and skeptical community.  You are certainly invited to join us in any of these events.  And if decide to become a member, you will be able to help us decide what CVAAS is going to do next!