Raise a glass and learn at the Central Valley Café Scientifique

The school year has started, and Central Valley Café Scientifique is back in session!


For the price of a cup of coffee or glass of wine, the Café Scientifique forum is a place where anyone can explore the latest, cutting edge ideas of technology and science.


The café format starts with a speaker who is very knowledgeable in a field giving a short talk about a subject.  The subjects can be anything of science and technology.  After the initial presentation, everyone is given several minutes to relax, refill their glasses, and start a conversation.


Following that there is an hour or more of questions and answers.  Anyone can ask a question, and the questions and answers are frequently insightful and thought provoking.


The Central Valley Café Scientifique adds to the cultural opportunities in the California Central Valley.  Speakers are invited from local universities and beyond!


The informal setting encourages non-scientists to participate in a comfortable, non-academic atmosphere.


Currently Central Valley Café Scientifique meets on the first Monday evening every month.  See their website for details about time and venues.  (Click here)