Aron Ra at the Fresno booksigning

Last night’s event with Aron Ra was amazing!  Aron Ra arrived for an entertaining evening with Fresno atheists.  Add some pizza and beer, and you get a wonderful event!

aron1CVAAS officers and volunteers showed up early to reserve tables at Me-N-Eds’ On Tap on the corner of West and Bullard in Fresno.  We had cleared the event with Nick, the evening manager, who was more than gracious with us all.

Once Aron and his wife Lilandra were settled in with their beer-dispensing RFID bracelets and some great pizza, secular people from around the Central Valley started arriving.  There was a steady stream of visitors coming and going all evening, and a core of people who stayed throughout.  Well after the end of the scheduled event the conversations continued. 

And how neat were the conversations!  I’m so proud of the various members of our groups.  Everyone is fascinating!  Yes, Aron has stories to tell us, but he was just as interested in our stories.  It was a delight to watch knots of conversation form and disperse throughout the whole event. 

Of course Aron signed his books for us.  CVAAS has purchased several of his signed books which we will have on offer during our Heretic’s Barbecue on the 29th.  

Fresno Latino Atheists and Aron

And it was great to see everyone getting their photos taken with Aron, who was very gracious about this.

If you missed this event, you missed a marvelous evening.

At the end of the evening, Aron and Family went back to their hotel to prepare for their morning’s drive to Las Vegas.

We thanked Nick the manager, and found that he loved having us there.  The food is good, and there’s enough variety of beer (and wine, and hard cider, and soft drinks) to satisfy everyone.  CVAAS will keep this venue “on tap” for future events.

Aron photobombed his wife Lilandra and Daniel

This event, and the recent progress CVAAS has had toward non-profit status has encouraged us.  We are now making plans for some bigger things.  If you want to join a group that is active and involved, now is the time!

But if you want to just meet up with like-minded people to have a fascinating conversation over a beer (or soft drink) we can do that too!  Check our events for more information!

Dinner with Aron Ra!

aronraAron Ra will be in Fresno on Thursday, October 20th, to have dinner and a beer with the Secular and Skeptical community.

He’s dropping by as part of his book tour to promote his new book, “Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism“, which you can pre-order from Amazon.  

Or you can get a copy from Aron Ra, and ask him sign it, a month before it is officially released!

Here’s the details:

Date: Thursday, October 20, 2016
Time: 5:30 pm to 8 pm
Location: Me & Ed’s Taproom, 1731 W Bullard Ave #101, Fresno, CA

RSVP:  Please go to our event page to RSPV!  
Please RSVP so we can know how many seats we will need!

RSVPAron Ra is an atheist activist, author, speaker, president of the Atheist Alliance of America, and also current Texas state-director of American Atheists. He has over 130,000 subscribers to his Youtube channel, and blogs on Patheos.

And on Thursday, October 20th, he will be having dinner and drinking a beer (or two) with the secular community of Fresno!

Best of all, it was the members of CVAAS – and their supporters – who made this happen!  Aron needed a hotel to stay in, and money for expenses, in the middle of October when CVAAS was stretched thin for preparations for the 9th annual Heretic’s Barbecue.

But a day after setting up a GoFundMe page, we had everything that Aron needed.  

Thank you to everyone that helped make this happen!