Rational Horizon 04 – Formal arguments, logical fallacies, inductive vs deductive reasoning

Argument_ClinicAnnouncements – 2nd Annual Heretic’s Barbecue is advertised, Rational Horizon is on iTunes.  Atheist & Skeptic podcasts.

We discuss formal arguments.  In logic and philosophy an argument is more than just an angry exchange of opposing viewpoints.  Instead, it is a more formal method of using language as a way to persuade someone that a thing is true, or it is a way of presenting reasons why a conclusion should be accepted.  

Arguments are supported through logic, or through evidence.  For those arguments based upon logic, it is useful to identify when that logic is weak.  Being able to identify logical fallacies is a good way to find out where the weak points are in an argument.  

It is important to note that an argument can be supported by excellent logic, and still be proved to be wrong due to conflicting evidence!  

We also discuss the difference between Inductive and Deductive reasoning, and how they are used in arguments.  

The Rational Horizon Podcast was a short-lived podcast created by CVAAS in 2009. Only four episodes were made.  This is the last of those four episodes.


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