Rational Horizon 03 – Kathy Griffin! Also, is religious experience evidence of God?

KathyGriffinKathy Griffin was awarded an Emmy for Outstanding Reality Program for her show, “My Life on the D-List”. This show is an autobiographical comedy of Griffin’s life as a stand-up comedienne and television bit player. During Griffin’s acceptance speech at the September 2007 Emmy awards show, Griffin said, “A lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus.” She went on to say, “Suck it, Jesus. This is my God now!” referring to the Emmy.  

In July 2009, Kathy Griffin was on tour, and made her way to California.  CVAAS member Justin saw her July 23rd show, and we discussed her July 25th appearance at the William Saroyan Theater in Fresno.  

We also discuss religious experience as evidence of God or the divine.  For example, scientist, geneticist, and leader of the Human Genome Project, Francis Collins, has described a religious experience involving a frozen waterfall that he accepted as evidence of God’s existence.  Should another person’s experience be considered good evidence for God?  What about your own experience of the divine, should THAT be considered as good evidence for God?  

This episode was our first test of using Skype for recording podcasts.  The audio quality suffers a little due to this.


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