CVAAS at the Fresno Pride parade and hosting a booth at the Pride festival

2017.10.23, Monday
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2017.10.23, Monday

10th Annual Heretic's Barbecue!

Elvis has already told us what to expect at this event, and you can read his account here.  In a nutshell, we can expect great speakers and great food.  Plus some fun and a chance to get to know one another in the biggest secular event in the San Joaquin Valley!

You can purchase tickets in the CVAAS store.  Just click on “Store” above, or on any of the items below.  Here’s what you can expect:

Tickets for the Heretic’s Barbecue:
If you just want a ticket to the Heretic’s Barbecue, and nothing else, this is what you want to purchase!  Children under the age of 12 are free.

Remember, the barbecue is held on Saturday, October 28th, starting at 11:30 am, at the Clovis Veterans Memorial District!
$19.00 per adult
CVAAS Membership plus discounted ticket for the Heretic’s Barbecue:
You may purchase a ticket to the Heretic’s Barbecue along with a CVAAS membership and receive a $5.00 discount!
($19.00 + $20.00 – $5.00)

Speaker’s Breakfast:
Richard Carrier, Aron Ra, and Bill Zuersher will attend our Speakers Breakfast the morning after the Heretic’s Barbecue.  This will be on Sunday, October 29th, at 9:00 am, in Clovis California.

You’ll be emailed the location of the breakfast upon purchase.


Host a table at the Heretic’s Barbecue!
If your organization or company would like to host a table at our event, this is what you would purchase.  The purchase price comes with one free entry to the Heretic’s Barbecue.

You may sell items from your table if you have a Clovis business license.  Otherwise, speak with an event host about how to sell items at this event.


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