Bylaws of the Central Valley Alliance of Atheists and Skeptics
Founded on May 4th, 2008.

Article I
  1. The name of this organization is Central Valley Alliance of Atheists and Skeptics
  2. Also known by the acronym CVAAS

Article II
  1. The Central Valley Alliance of Atheists and Skeptics is formed as a nonprofit educational association focused on the population of the California Central Valley in order to promote secular viewpoints in public discourse, educate the public on the use of rational scientific inquiry and positive secular philosophy, promote the First Amendment guarantee of separation of state and church, urge camaraderie among the secular community and their supporters, and encourage joining or forming affiliated non-theistic organizations.

Article III
  1. Membership is open to all who support the purposes for which this organization was formed.
  2. Dues will be determined by the officers and approved by the general body.
  3. Members expelled from the organization will not be allowed to rejoin for one year.

Article IV 
  1. Offices
    1. President
      1. Also acts as “Chair” 
    2. Vice President 
      1. May act as “Chair” instead of the President 
    3. Secretary 
    4. Treasurer 
    5. Member at large 
  2. Officers must be a member in good standing. 
  3. Elections will be held once a year for all offices. There are no term limits. Formal elections will be held during the first Sunday of October. The duties and functions of these offices will be determined in the organization operating procedures. 
  4. Vacancies in leadership positions may be filled by the membership at the next regularly scheduled meeting or, if necessary, at a specially called meeting. 

Article V
Removal from office or membership
  1. Members and office holders may be removed if it is established that they misrepresented the organization or acted in a way detrimental to the organization. Officers so removed may retain their membership. If such charges are made, the highest ranking officers who have no conflict shall investigate, and if they find a basis for the charges, shall inform the accused member or officer of the charges. The accused member or officer may resign or may ask for a hearing at a regularly scheduled meeting. A 2/3 majority of those present at the hearing is required to expel a member or office holder. An expelled office holder or member shall receive a pro-rated refund of any dues or fees paid. Expulsion shall not relieve the office holder or member of any obligation for charges incurred, services or benefits actually rendered, dues or fees, or obligations arising from contract or otherwise. This organization shall retain the right to enforce any obligation or to obtain damages for its breach. 

Article VI
  1. Definition of Quorum
    1. A Quorum shall consist of at least 7 members or 10% of the membership, whichever is greater, plus any CVAAS officer.
  2. Regular business meetings will take place at the monthly meeting.
  3. Special business meetings may be called by any CVAAS officer. Membership must be notified at least 5 days in advance.

Article VII
  1. Every officer may recruit a committee to assist with their duties, the officer must sit on that committee. 

Article VIII
  1. The fiscal year begins on September 1st, and ends on August 31st of every year.
  2. Membership dues are due on the first Sunday of September for the following calendar year. Mid-year membership may be pro-rated.
  3. All money must be accounted for by the treasurer.
  4. Expenditures of up to $100 may be approved by a majority of the officers.
  5. Checks must be signed by either
    1. The President and the Treasurer; or
    2. The President or the Treasurer, and one other officer.
  6. A yearly in-house audit is required.

Article IX
Leaving Office
  1. Upon relinquishing a leadership position, the outgoing office holder shall turn over all records to his or her successor and shall provide the incoming officeholder with any and all information necessary to enable the newly elected officer to carry out the functions of that position.

Article X
  1. The financial and material assets of this organization shall be owned by the membership. Such assets shall be controlled and used by the leadership only for purposes approved by the membership. A member is not, as such, personally liable for the debts, liabilities or obligations of this organization. 

Article XI
Merger, Dissolution, Distribution of Assets
  1. The membership has sole authority to merge with another organization, or dissolve and distribute the organization’s assets. A proposal for merger or dissolution and distribution of assets must receive a majority vote at a regular membership meeting. The proposal must then be presented at a special meeting called for that purpose. If there are no assets, a majority vote for or against dissolution or merger shall settle the question. If there are assets, the proposal must then be presented at a special meeting called for that purpose. Notice of the meeting must be given to the full membership list at least 30 days before the date of the meeting. If at least 70% of the members of record are present, their vote will stand. If less than 70% are present, a mailed ballot shall be sent to all members of record, with instructions that the ballots must be returned within 20 calendar days. Approval shall require at least 70% affirmative vote of the ballots returned. Only non-theist, non-religious organizations clearly identified as such and having a purpose consistent with that of this organization shall be considered for merger or distribution of assets. All outstanding debts, obligations and claims must be satisfied before assets are distributed. No assets shall be distributed to individuals.

Article XII
Parliamentary authority
  1. Organizational meetings will be governed by Roberts Rules of Order. 

Article XIII
Amendments to the bylaws
  1. May be proposed by any member during any regular business meeting, and will be voted on during the next regular business meeting. 
  2. Approval of amendments requires a 2/3 majority vote of the membership.