Central Valley Alliance of Atheists and Skeptics.
  • Also known by the acronym CVAAS.
  • When this acronym is spoken it is usually pronounced, “C-vass“. (Make it rhyme with “Sea Bass”)

Our purpose:

The Central Valley Alliance of Atheists and Skeptics is formed as a nonprofit educational association focused on the population of the California Central Valley in order to promote secular viewpoints in public discourse, educate the public on the use of rational scientific inquiry and positive secular philosophy, promote the First Amendment guarantee of separation of state and church, urge camaraderie and cooperation among the secular community and their supporters, and encourage joining or forming secular organizations.

The public voices that dominate the San Joaquin Valley are overwhelmingly religious in nature.  

This can be alienating to those people who belong to a minority religion or to no religion at all.  

CVAAS works to be, “A Secular Voice in the Valley,” to act as a counterpoint in order to inject reason and critical inquiry into public discourse.

CVAAS encourages the examination of human rights and ethical questions from a human perspective.  We believe that moral principles are best discovered when they are based on empathy, sympathy, and respect for others. We advocate for the examination of fringe and pseudo-scientific claims through the lens of objective scientific inquiry.

What we do:

  • Create spaces for like-minded people to meet – both online and in person – for mutual support, advice, and conversation.
  • Act as a “voice” for those Atheists, Agnostics, Secular Humanists, and other secular and skeptical people in the Central Valley.
  • Publically highlight those occasions when the local government strains or steps outside of First Amendment limits.
  • Explain the differences between Science and pseudoscience while promoting reasoning, critical thinking and the methods of science in education, medicine, and government.
  • Offer encouragement, assistance, and materials to local affiliated and allied organizations.
  • Create quality local events for the secular and skeptical community.

Join Us!

Our most popular event is our monthly “Drinking Skeptically” where like-minded people hang out and have a beverage (it doesn’t have to be alcohol) and maybe some food.  Everything is up for discussion!  No topic is off limits.  Our only requirement is that assertions must be backed up with evidence.

We also have monthly events, tabling events, outings, and even a movie night.  Events get changed up so there is always something new to do.

Every year we host the Heretic’s Barbecue, where we invite great speakers to enlighten us during a barbecue lunch.

And finally, we have various activism-based events.  

Although some events have an associated cost, you may attend most of these events without ever becoming a member of CVAAS.  However, some events are “member-only”.

As a member of CVAAS, you will have a say in what we do and how we do it.  Your tax-deductible membership will help us create more and better events.  And best of all, you will help us speak out as a secular voice, to counter all the religious voices in the Central Valley!