CVAAS Officers

Our Officers:

CVAAS holds a yearly election for all offices on the first Sunday of September.  Although the person holding each office may change, the email addresses and duties of each office do not.   

2016-2017 officers:

  • President:  Mark Boyd
    • Phone: (559) 892-0102
    • Chair of all business meetings.  Directs CVAAS. Creates and implements business agenda with CVAAS organizer input.  CVAAS organizer.  Financial cosigner.  Public relations.

  • Vice President: Chuck Krugman
    • Vice-Chair of all business meetings.  Acting Chair when President is absent.  Assists agenda implementation.  CVAAS organizer.  Public relations.

  • Secretary: Jennifer Dunbar
    • Records and publishes meeting minutes. Makes minutes available to membership. Publish annual financial report to membership. Provide notice of votes and elections and their results. Take roll or keep a register when deemed necessary. Assists agenda implementation. CVAAS organizer. CVAAS Steering.

  • Treasurer: David Costa
    • Banker for CVAAS.  Financial cosigner.  Provide annual financial report to Secretary.  Provide financial updates as needed.  Event cashier. Assists agenda implementation. CVAAS organizer. CVAAS Steering.

  • Member-at-Large: Bruce Mackenzie
    • Membership representative to CVAAS officers.  Event and new member greeter. Assists agenda implementation.  CVAAS organizer.  CVAAS Steering.  Helps out wherever help is needed.