CVAAS Officers

Our Officers:

CVAAS holds a yearly election for all offices on the second Sunday of September.  Although the person holding each office may change, the duties of each office do not.   

President: Jennifer Dunbar

Jennifer is the pet of several cats and the owner of masses upon masses of books… like a whole fort could be made from her books. She also has numerous opinions and can curse in six languages.

Treasurer: Tegmine Schuster

Tegmine Schuster has been a skeptic and an atheist as long as he can remember and is proud to serve CVASS as treasurer.  In his spare time,  he enjoys nature, his cats, and larger ideas.

Secretary: Kaylia Metcalfe-Armstrong

Kaylia is a proud Skeptical Agnostic with a dash of Pagan and Unitarian Universalists leanings. She is a community activist, a writer, a freelance copy editor, and a “Jill of many trades.” In her spare time, she runs a book club, produces a podcast, and rewatches 90s television shows