PR Contacts

Public relations contacts

The Central Valley Alliance of Atheists and Skeptics is an all-volunteer organization with no paid staffers, no interns.  Our volunteers, including our officers, all live busy lives outside of CVAAS and may be difficult to contact.  This is an inherent difficulty with all-volunteer organizations, and we hope to change this in the future.

Please be aware that CVAAS uses incoming phone call filtering services to reduce the occurrence of spam and abuse. Phone numbers that originate abusive calls are added to a national call blocking list.

Feel free to use any or several of these methods to get in touch with a CVAAS officer or representative:
  • Informational email address:
    • Due to our email volume and spam filters, urgent requests may not receive prompt replies.
  • The fastest way to contact CVAAS is to leave a message through social media.  Response to established accounts is usually within minutes.