About The Central Valley Alliance of Atheists and Skeptics


CVAAS_evolution_logoIt can be pretty lonely for a rational thinker, skeptic or non-believer living in California’s South to Central Valley. Los Angeles, San Francisco, the Bay Area and Sacramento all have well defined Atheist, Freethought, and Secular Humanist communities – but from Bakersfield to Stockton it often feels as if religion dominates and pseudoscience flourishes.


But that’s not true. As Christopher Hitchens noted during his “God is Not Great” book tour, every time he gave a talk in a new city, half of the people who attended his talks thought they were the only Atheists in town. This is also true in the Central Valley.


About Us


The Central Valley Alliance of Atheists and Skeptics includes those who do not see a need to resort to the supernatural in order to discover meaning in life. We believe that human rights and ethical questions are best examined from a human perspective, and that morality makes better sense when it is based upon empathy and sympathy for others instead of being based on blind religious dogma. We believe fringe and pseudo scientific claims should be examined through the lens of objective scientific inquiry.


Our Purpose:


  • We serve as a place for non-Theists and their supporters throughout the California Central Valley to meet – both online and in person. We provide mutual support, advice, and conversation with other like-minded people.
  • We are interested in being a “voice” for those Atheists, Agnostics, Secular Humanists, and other non-believers in the Central Valley who feel like no one is speaking for them.
  • We wish to to point out when the local government strains or steps outside of First Amendment limits.
    We are concerned with the differences between Science and pseudoscience, and with promoting reasoning, critical thinking and the methods of science in education, medicine and local government.
  • We hope to encourage local debate by staging events and bringing speakers to the Central Valley.