National Day of Reason CVAAS Blood Drive – May 7th

red_blood_cellsThe first Thursday in May every year is the annual National Day of Reason.  This year it falls on May 5th.

The National Day of Reason is held in parallel to the National Day of Prayer in order to raise awareness of the intrusion of government-sanctioned religion and its threat toward religious liberty.

CVAAS supports the United States Constitution and the First Amendment principle that all Americans should be treated equally – with no citizen or group favored over another in the name of religion or religious privilege.

We encourage rational, positive and useful alternatives to the National Day of Prayer.  CVAAS encourages its membership to spend this day in service.  To spend the day volunteering, giving, and acting to make another person’s life better.

You can help make a real difference in another person’s life by donating blood.  During the month of May, CVAAS encourages its members to stop by any Central California Blood Center and donate blood in the name of the Central Valley Alliance of Atheists and Skeptics.

CVAAS will host a blood donation event followed by a Day of Reason lunch on May 7th, 2016.  RSVP at the CVAAS Meetup event to see time and locations.

Author: MTwain

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