Disaster Donations

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The last two months haven’t been very kind to the United States.  Multiple hurricanes in the South, and fires in the East.  

We all know we need to help, but it is easy to be paralyzed into inaction by the sheer enormity of the damage.

If you would like to help out, consider a donation to the Foundation Beyond Belief.  This is a worthy organization that has been assisting in recent disaster recovery.  

As a new Nonprofit, CVAAS is working hard to catch up with other service organizations.  Until we are able to make major contributions on our own, we suggest that our membership and friends contribute directly to Foundation Beyond Belief, or volunteer to be part of the Humanist Service Corps, supported by FBB.

How much should you give?

As much as you can comfortably give.  

We understand that a certain presidential billionaire gave .01% of his net worth.  $5 to $10 would for most people match that comparative donation.

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