Tenth Annual Heretic’s BBQ!

The Heretic’s Barbecue is a speaker’s event combined with great barbecue and fun activities and conversation.

This will be the tenth year that CVAAS has put on this event.  Every year we’ve outdone ourselves, and this year is no exception!  This year join us as we explore mythology, both modern and historic.  Prepare to be skeptical of mythological claims, urban legends, and conspiracy theories.  Enjoy the camaraderie of the secular community and their friends and supporters!

The Barbecue will be catered by the wonderful Maw n’ Paw Barbecue in Clovis.  A vegetarian option will also be available.

Heretic’s Barbecue Event Details:

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Keynote Speaker: Dr. Richard Carrier

His speech will be, “Mythmaking Jesus: Yesterday’s Fake News Gave Us Today‚Äôs Religions.”

Richard Carrier received his doctorate in ancient history from Columbia University.  Dr. Carrier has authored many books, including “On the Historicity of Jesus,” “Proving History: Bayes’s Theorem and the Quest for the Historical Jesus,” “Why I Am Not A Christian,” and “Not The Impossible Faith: Why Christianity Didn’t Need a Miracle to Succeed.”

Carrier has engaged in several formal public debates, both online and in person.  His debate opponents have included philosopher Christian Apologist William Lane Craig, New Testament scholar Michael R. Licona, and New Testament scholar and author Craig A. Evans.  Dr. Carrier has appeared on Lee Strobel’s talk show “Faith Under Fire” in a debate with William Lane Craig.

Also speaking are:

“Slenderman” is a modern urban legend created in 2009. Since its creation, Slenderman has appeared in many works of fiction and in 2014 inspired a moral panic due to the Slenderman-related attempted murder of a 12-year-old by her classmates.

Aron Ra, author of “Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism.” Ra is the former president of Atheist Alliance of America and former Texas state director of the American Atheists.  He is currently running for the office of Texas State Senate.

Bill Zuersher, author of “Seeing Through Christianity.” Zuersher is a teacher, writer, and author.  He received his Master’s degree from Yale University.

Also appearing is the singer, songwriter, and bassist Joey Fabian.  Fabian has a long musical career that includes both teaching and running his own production studio.  CVAAS uses Joey’s rendition of “It Ain’t Necessarily So” as our podcast music.  Besides music, Joey’s interests include physics, cosmology, and cooking.

Host a table at the Heretic’s Barbecue:

Merchants and organizations that would like to appear in this secular and skeptical venue are invited to host their own table at the Heretic’s Barbecue.  Merchants who wish to sell their own goods must have a valid Clovis business license.  Table hosting is $40 per table and comes with 2 chairs and one complimentary ticket for the Heretic’s Barbecue.

So what’s your favorite urban legend?  

What’s a great myth that keeps coming back over and over again?  Let’s talk about it over some great food at a great event!

Author: President

One day Mark wanted to talk to other atheists in Fresno. So he set up a Meetup.com atheist event. Five people arrived at the very first event in late 2002. Everything that followed was a result of that.