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Would you like to become part of the Central Valley Alliance of Atheists and Skeptics?


Our events are usually open to everyone, although occasionally we will host a “members only” event.  We also host on our website material that is for members only.  This can be presentations, videos or audio.  We also have a “members only” area in our online forum.


Becoming a member allows us to create and host better local events.


It seems like all the really “cool” events for atheism and skepticism are a 3 to 6 hour drive away, and cost a lot of money to attend.  CVAAS wants to help you out by creating local events that are fun and inexpensive.


Most often these events are centered on local venues, and occasionally we get together to create a day-trip to a cave, a fossil dig, or to the beach or a wine tasting trip.


And every year we have one or two major events where we invite a well-known speaker in the atheist or skeptical community to speak.  This costs money.  Selling tickets and asking for donations is one way that CVAAS finances these events.  Membership definitely helps!


You can purchase different membership levels in our online store.


We offer four different levels of membership.  Member, Student / Hardship, Volunteer and Associate.  Except for associate membership, all levels of membership are considered “paid” memberships, and offer full member benefits.  An associate membership is considered an “unpaid” membership and is limited in benefits.


Individual Member
Individual membership

Individual Membership


This is our full price membership which gives you all benefits of CVAAS membership, plus a $5.00 discount on the price of our annual Heretic’s Barbecue ticket.


As a CVAAS member, you can vote in CVAAS elections, run for office, serve on committees, and help steer the direction of our group.


Individual membership gives you access to “Members Only” areas of the CVAAS website, and allows you to post on our CVAAS discussion forum.


Membership also provides you with invitations to our “Members Only” functions. And you can opt-in to our members only email list, which will inform you of fun members only upcoming events.


Student / Hardship Membership

Student / Hardship Membership


This membership is half-priced.  To become a member under the Student / Hardship membership, you must be enrolled as a three quarter or full-time student, or be able to demonstrate financial hardship.  You will need to be approved by a CVAAS officer to receive this membership.


Once approved, you will be treated as a full member of CVAAS, with all the benefits of Individual Membership.



Volunteer Affiliate Membership

Volunteer / Affiliate Membership


Have you ever dreamed of being a minion?


To receive a CVAAS membership as a volunteer, you must first apply to become a CVAAS volunteer and pledge to volunteer a minimum of 20 hours for CVAAS for a one-year period in a non-officer position.


Once approved, you will be treated as a full member of CVAAS, with all the benefits of Individual Membership.


Associate Membership


Associate Membership
Associate Membership

So you want to be on our official email list?  You want to be forewarned about upcoming events via our automated email system?  You want to peek behind the curtains of our website just a little, but are not interested in joining in completely?


That’s fine.  You can sign up as an associate member of CVAAS for no cost to you.


There are some downsides.  You don’t get to vote in CVAAS elections or meetings.  You can’t run for office.  You will not get a discount for the Heretic’s Barbecue.  But if that is fine for you, then this is the membership that you want!

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