Recent Tabling Events

CVAAS members tabled at two different events over the last two weekends!


On Saturday, April 15th, we tabled at the Fresno celebration of the Transgender Day of Visibility.  

It was a beautiful, cool morning that turned into a lazy warm afternoon.  Traffic to our booth was light but steady, and we spent time talking to our friends.

Booth staffers watched the booth in shifts, with some arriving later in the day, and some leaving the event early.  We took turns watching the booth so that we could wander around the other information and vendor tables, so we could see a few of the presentations, and so we could grab a taco (or three!).

Unlike last year, the vendor tables were outside on the sidewalk.  This was a little bit of a disappointment since we couldn’t watch the show and staff the booth – but it also fell more in line with a standard convention where vendors are separate from the speakers.

Tabling at LGBT events is always nice because it’s a very supportive environment.  People were interested in what we do, and several promised to be at our next Drinking Skeptically.

Earth Day

On Saturday, April 22nd, we tabled at anther event – Earth Day Fresno.  Once again it was a beautiful day to do this, even though it got a little warm in the afternoon.

In keeping with our purpose of educating the public in the use of rational scientific inquiry, we created displays and documentation about climate change and the problems with climate change denial.  One of these documents, “Evaluating Data and Evidence” is now an article on our website.  You can read the PDF versions of our other two documents, “Global Warming Skepticism” and “History of Climate Change” by clicking these links.  There was a short display about the problems of electronic waste disposal in Fresno.   And we had a lot of fun with XKCD artist Randall Munroe’s “Earth Temperature Timeline“.

If you would like to learn more about the massive amount of evidence supporting the theory that rapid climate change is being caused by humans, the best place to start is probably the NASA Global Climate Change website.  There, you can learn what we know, and how we know it.  For even more in-depth information about climate change, check out the Climate Central website.  The National Center for Science Education is a great place for educators to start learning about climate change.  And if you are skeptical that climate change is happening because someone told you it is all a conspiracy among scientists, check out the Skeptical Science website to see what the experts have said.

For those who live in Fresno, here’s a link to what you are allowed to throw away into your green, gray, and blue bins.

The morning started out slow, but by 1 pm the traffic to our booth was almost constant.

When CVAAS hosts a table we give away things like information sheets, pamphlets, candy, and the occasional cookie or cupcake.  But our best giveaway is “Get Out of Hell Free” cards.  These Monopoly-styled cards attract immediate attention from people walking by our booth.  These cards are great for drawing in people who are otherwise curious but hesitant, or just inattentive.  They get the conversation started and we get to tell them about who we are and what we do.  In many cases, the conversation starts getting deep, so one staffer will take the interested person to one side and engage while others continue managing the booth.

It’s not unusual to have a 30-minute conversation standing in front of our booth!  This is why a shade canopy is so important!

We also give away business cards with CVAAS information on them, but the Get Out of Hell Free cards are the big draw, so we put our website address on the back of each one.

Tabling at Earth Day was good for us.  We met a lot of new people who said they would love to be a part of CVAAS or would want to come to our events.  We met only a couple of people who were unhappy to see us.  One of whom told us that we should study the “Holy Book” and get our lives straight.

“The Quran, right?”  That got a scowl and the assertion that the Muslim book was, “of the Devil!”

Yes, there is a better way to speak with the devout, but sometimes there isn’t much you can do if a religious person is only interested in giving a “drive-by” scolding.  Another Christian talked with us for half an hour and purchased one of our books.

The event was fun, and there were a lot of fascinating booths.  Again we took turns staffing the booth and walking around the event.  Later in the afternoon, there was a “March for Science” and a few CVAAS members participated in that too.

CVAAS will definitely be at next year’s Earth Day Fresno!