The 8th annual Heretic’s Barbecue was a success!

This year’s Heretic’s Barbecue was one of the best we’ve had.  We had over 40 attendees, and we were able to afford to bring a great speaker to our event, Mr. Eddie Tabash!


Our event started off like it always does with mingling, meeting up with old friends, and general discussion.  There were several silent auctions in progress, and everyone was looking over the table filled with books, decorations, and other goods donated for sale.  Our vice president Cart also donated several beautiful hand made pottery pieces for sale.


Then came lunch, tri-tip, menudo, several different types of chili, potato salad, hummus, salad, and lots of other fixings, snacks, and desserts.  (Including candied apples, an October favorite!)


After a short break (and refilling our plates!) we introduced Mr. Tabash.  You can hear that speech on our new CVAAS Lecture Series page.  (And as we process other lectures, they will also become available here.)


After Mr. Tabash’s presentation, lots of different activities took place.  Cart demonstrated his pottery craft, and several people had the chance to make their very own pots.  T-shirt crafters got together and used the stencil and bleach method of t-shirt designing.  A few people playing board games,  several discussion groups got together, and door prizes were given away.
The whole event lasted for 5 hours, and there were a lot of different ways to have fun the entire time.   Everyone had a great time!


Heretic’s Barbecue is our main fundraiser, and this year our preliminary reports are that we did well.  But we can do so much better!


To do so, we will need YOUR help!  We need people to help us plan, to help us find new venues, to report on things happening in the valley.  You could even get a free membership out of this!  If that interests you, click here to find out about our Volunteer Affiliate Membership.


Eddie Tabash

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Eddie Tabash giving his presentation at the Heretic's Barbecue

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One day Mark wanted to talk to other atheists in Fresno. So he set up a atheist event. Five people arrived at the very first event in late 2002. Everything that followed was a result of that.