The Armageddon Contract

Are you convinced that the world will end, “real soon now?”  Have you actually figured a date, or do you know Armageddon will occur sometime within the next 30 (or 40, or 50) years?


armageddonContractCVAAS invites you to demonstrate your confidence in the world’s end by signing a contract with us.  All you need is a date, or a “no later than date”.


Our contract states that you agree to give us everything you own on the day after you claim the world will end, or the day after you say you will be taken up in the Rapture.  Just pick a date, or a “no later than date”, and sign our handy contract and send it to us.  CVAAS can’t lay claim to anything you own until that date.


But… what if you’re wrong?  What if you are not one of the chosen?  What if you miscalculated the date?  It might be inconvenient to learn that CVAAS suddenly owns your money and possessions.


That is where the CVAAS end of the world contract shines.  This contract offers you a “buyback clause”.


It is a simple idea.  If after you sign our contract you run into the unlikely problem of miscalculating the end of the world, CVAAS will allow you to buy yourself out of this contract for a mere twenty dollars ($20.00).  For $20.00 your house, car, bank account and 401K are all legally returned to your possession.  This also works for you if the Rapture happens, and you are one of those people who are left behind.


So what is it?  Zombie apocalypse?  Meteor strike?  Planet “X”?  The Second Coming?  If you’ve got a date, we want to help you show the world how serious you are about it!  Just download our form, fill it out, and let CVAAS know so we can arrange to have one of our representatives sign this contract with you.


Click here to download the End of the World Contract (pdf format)

Author: President

One day Mark wanted to talk to other atheists in Fresno. So he set up a atheist event. Five people arrived at the very first event in late 2002. Everything that followed was a result of that.