CVAAS Member walks on water!

Members of CVAAS are pretty unique.  But there is something VERY special about one CVAAS member, Cart Duncan.


Cart walks on water!


Our first experience with Cart walking on water was at the second annual Heretic’s Barbecue.  At that event, CVAAS built a large container, and filled it with “Non-Newtonian Fluid”.  A mixture of cornstarch and water was used to create Oobleck, a type of non-Newtonian fluid that can withstand sheer stress while still remaining fluid.


Many CVAAS members walked across this mixture, but none with as much flair as Cart!


The next time we observed Cart striding across water was at a trip to Santa Cruz.


Escaping to the beach is a popular summertime destination for CVAAS members.  The Santa Cruz boardwalk, beaches, and restaurants are very popular.  As is the Cannery Row of Monterey.  The shoreline patio of the Ghirardelli Chocolate Shop in Monterey is a favorite place for members to hang out and enjoy the cooler weather.  Who cares if it is 100 degrees in Fresno?  In Monterey it is just the right temperature for hot chocolate and fascinating conversation!


Cart has also led CVAAS members to explore the history of the Fresno Fulton Mall, and when he isn’t traveling to some far off and exotic location, you can find him at many of our events.  We even talked him into donating blood!


CVAAS is made up of a lot of very interesting and diverse people.  Would you like to be part of that?  Maybe you can’t walk on water, but if you would like to try, consider joining CVAAS.  Lets go have some fun!

Author: President

One day Mark wanted to talk to other atheists in Fresno. So he set up a atheist event. Five people arrived at the very first event in late 2002. Everything that followed was a result of that.