Central Valley Alliance of Atheists and Skeptics.
  • Also known by the acronym CVAAS.
  • When this acronym is spoken it is usually pronounced, “C-vass“. (Make it rhyme with “Sea Bass”)

Our purpose:

The Central Valley Alliance of Atheists and Skeptics is a nonprofit educational, service, and social organization focused on supporting Central Valley’s secular community.  

The public voices that dominate the San Joaquin Valley are overwhelmingly religious in nature.  

This can be alienating to those people who belong to a minority religion or to no religion at all.  

CVAAS works to be, “A Secular Voice in the Valley,” to act as a counterpoint in order to inject reason and critical inquiry into public discourse.

CVAAS encourages the examination of human rights and ethical questions from a human perspective.  We believe that moral principles are best discovered when they are based on empathy, sympathy, and respect for others. We advocate for the examination of fringe and pseudo-scientific claims through the lens of objective scientific inquiry.

What we do:

  • Create spaces for like-minded secular people to find mutual support, advice, and community.
  • Explain the differences between Science and pseudoscience while promoting reasoning, critical thinking and the methods of science in the areas of education, medicine, and government.
  • Offer encouragement, assistance, and materials to local affiliated and allied organizations.
  • Create quality local events for the secular and skeptical community.
  • Through our regular acts of service promote the idea that one can be “good whout God.”

You can find out more about our upcoming events by visiting us on our
MeetUp Page and on our Facebook Page!

Join Us!


Our most popular event is our monthly “Drinking Skeptically” where like-minded people hang out and have a beverage (it doesn’t have to be alcohol) and maybe some food.  Everything is up for discussion!  No topic is off limits.  Our only requirement is that assertions must be backed up with evidence.

We host regular educational events that are free to attend. Events include topic driven discussions, guest lecturers, panel discussions, and larger seminars.  Our educational series of events offers you the chance to connect with other critical thinkers and learn about a variety of subjects.


We strive to show the world that one can be “good without God” through our regular service events. We have a monthly Adopt-A-Highway cleanup event as well as seasonal chances for those of us in the secular community to give back to the Central Valley community at large. 


If you are looking to parley your atheism into activism… we can help you! Contact us on our Contact Us link above and we will be happy to work with you!

 Your tax-deductible donations help us create more and better events.  Thank you in advance for your support!